Top 5 Things About Summer in Calgary

Morena West - Top 5 things about summer in Calgary

See the colours! Smell the flowers! Feel the sun! Ah, Summer! Summers in Calgary are fleeting (and unpredictable) so you have to make the most of our short-lived summer days. Here are our Top 5 Things About Summer in Calgary:

  1. Stampede – This tops our list. It is, after all, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! The weather is almost always sunny and cooperative, everyone gets dressed up in their best stampede garb, the vibe is casual and fun, and the city wide festivities give us all a great community spirit.
    ~PS: There are multiple free Stampede breakfasts and BBQs within five minutes of Morena West! Find them here.

  3. Summer Food – There is no denying that Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving are chart toppers for delicious food, but during summer every day is a good food day. There is nothing like a summer barbeque in Calgary. Cooking in summer is fast and simple. No fuss means you actually get to spend time with your guests. Plus going for walks around the neighbourhood is so much better when you can smell other people’s BBQ.
    ~PS: If you enjoy fresh, locally-grown food, Morena West is only 12 minutes away from the Calgary Farmers Market and 20 minutes away from the Crossroads Market. Plus, Morena West has the perfect backyard decks and patios for BBQs!

  5. Long Weekends – These mini-holidays are all about fun, and there are so many activities to choose from. You can spend time with family and friends, or relax by yourself; you can be in the city or far away from it; you can be productive or you can lounge around. It’s completely up to you, and that is why long weekends in the summer are better than any other long weekend!
    ~PS: Morena West is perfectly situated for ‘long-weekenders.’ Perfectly located near main highways to go out towards the mountains or be in Bragg Creek for ice cream in less than 30 minutes. You are also conveniently located to play golf, visit a park, get some exercise on a hiking trail, or maybe you just want to hang out in your spacious Morena West home.

  7. Calgary Fun in the Summer – The Calgary Zoo isn’t just for kids, and it has more open attractions and active animals when the weather is warm. You can also take the kids or grandkids to Calaway Park or visit the Farmers Market because nothing tastes quite as delicious as fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the perfect time to walk around the parks while they are green and lively, float down the river for a relaxing afternoon, swim in an outdoor pool, dine al fresco on restaurant patios, or make a picnic for lunch. If you are ever at a loss for something to do, check out a Calgary tourism website like this one:
    ~PS: Morena West is within walking distance of Westhills Shopping district. Summer sales and cold drinks on patios, here we come!

  9. The Morena West Showhomes are Open – The very best thing about Summer 2015 is that the Morena West showhomes opened this June! If you haven’t seen them yet, make sure you add “visit the beautiful Morena West showhomes” to your Summer to-do list.

Stampede, long weekends, delicious food, and fun in the sunshine. There are so many great things about summertime in Calgary. Did your favourite summer activity make it on the list? Register for Morena West updates and tell us what you think.